No single policy, government program or organization can possibly solve the complex issues of educational attainment and economic opportunity – we must work together.

The Denver Education Attainment Network (DEAN) is a collective impact initiative focused on increasing educational attainment, closing equity gaps and creating connections to better workforce opportunities for low-income, minority and first-generation students in Denver.

DEAN works in the space between institutions and organizations. DEAN is the only collective impact initiative in Denver focused on credential attainment and workforce success, helping partners shift from acting alone to acting in concert.

As a third-party convener, we are in a unique position to engage critical partners, guide the alignment of their work, and drive the work forward. DEAN develops high-level strategy with its Leadership Team and builds collaborative action via implementation teams. We are capitalizing on and knitting together individual efforts into a cohesive, broad-scaled strategy that is leading to systems change and improved outcomes at scale.

DEAN’s work advances two collaborative initiatives: Denver Direct Pathways, a nationally recognized, cross-institutional pathways design and college completion process and Bridging the Gap, a training event that directly connects high school and community partners to the college information and resources needed to help ensure student success.