Denver Direct Pathways (DDP) is a credential completion and equity strategy designed to improve outcomes for all students, especially underserved minority and low-income populations. Each of our college partners and Denver Public Schools have been engaged in pathway development for several years. The DDP will seek to knit together these individual efforts into a cohesive, broad- scaled strategy to see more students to credential completion and successful entry into the workforce.

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Collaborating with Denver Public Schools, Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver and Emily Griffith Technical College, the DDP strategy incorporates five key components:

  1. Alignment of academic and career pathways
  2. Development of a cross-institutional and cross-partner Advising Council
  3. Smoothing of transition points: high school to college, two-year to four-year transfer and certificate transfer
  4. Alignment of DPS programs of study to college pathways
  5. Community, family and student awareness and engagement strategy

We have mapped over thirty Denver Direct Pathways!

DDP Intended Outcomes

  • Make complex system more easily navigable
  • Decrease barriers to enrollment, persistence and completion
  • Increase student success – reducing average time to degree and average credit accumulation upon degree completion
  • Increase student credential completion
  • Smooth transition points
  • Better serve low-income and underserved minority students
Denver Direct Pathways – the Talent Hub Strategy

Denver is 1 of 17 regions across the country designated as a Talent Hub by Lumina Foundation.

DEAN is leading the Denver Talent Hub strategy: Denver Direct Pathways. This collaborative effort by DEAN partners Denver Public Schools, Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, Emily Griffith Technical College and others will make a complex college system more easily navigable. By aligning and smoothing out education and training pathways, more students will complete college and gain access to good jobs, providing Denver and Colorado the work-ready talent needed to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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