Remaining enrolled in college is a neccessary component towards credential attainment. Retention is an institutional measure defined as a student returning to the same institution within a certain time period, typically fall to fall. Retention rates measure how an institution is performing in regards to keeping students enrolled from one year to the next. DEAN will measure retention at each of the Auraria Campus institutions and Emily Griffith Technical College. Targeting DEAN efforts to ensure DPS graduates remain enrolled each semester will ultimately increase college attainment rates.


The percent of DPS graduates who enroll in fall at one of the Auraria Campus Institutions or EGTC and return to that same institution the following fall.

  • DPS Graduating Class, 2017 N/A% N/A%
  • DPS Graduating Class, 2016 58.57% 58.57%
  • DPS Graduating Class, 2015 63.4% 63.4%
  • DPS Graduating Class, 2014 61.7% 61.7%