A collective impact approach calls for a community-wide effort to bring together different sectors to solve large, complex and systemic problems.

Successful collective impact initiatives focus on conditions that help produce true alignment and lead to powerful results: a common agenda, shared data and measurements, a continuous improvement framework, structured and open communication and backbone support.

DEAN staff engage as the initiative’s core support to help participating organizations shift from acting alone to acting in concert. By bringing stakeholders together, focusing on specific problems, sharing data and measurement, and identifying areas of overlap, DEAN helps organizations align their efforts around a common goal: to prepare Denver students for the jobs Colorado’s economy demands and help students access a successful future.

Illustration of how Collective Impact aligns individuals with the common goal.


Lumina Foundation

Denver Education Attainment Network is part of the Lumina Foundation’s 75-region Community Partnership for Attainment network. The Community Partnership for Attainment is devoted to improving postsecondary attainment, and is organized around three pillars: partnership health, equity and attainment.

Ford Foundation

Denver Education Attainment Network is part of Ford Foundations’ “Corridors of College Success”, a 5-community effort to create an effective, scalable approach for enabling the most vulnerable populations to access college and complete postsecondary credentials that lead to quality employment and civic participation.

Michigan College Access Network

Michigan College Access Network is a leader of the state’s college access movement. The Michigan College Access Network provides resources, programs and professional development services to help strengthen like-minded and missioned aligned college access and success initiatives.

Strive Together

The STRIVE Together Cradle to Career Network is a national network of community partnerships working to improve education success for every child by bringing together cross-sector partners around a common vision.